Algae data resources

Ostreobium genome and strain resources

List of available Ostreobium strains and annotated data for the nuclear genome sequence.
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Pedinophyte YPF701 nuclear genome

Annotations and additional data for the Pedinophyte YPF701 nuclear genome.
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Algal metabarcoding reference data

A set of UPA and tufA reference sequences for identification of algae in metabarcoding surveys.
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Metagenomic data mining


Lean Snakemake workflow for metagenome assembly, annotation and binning.


Indentification of organelle genome contigs from metagenome assemblies.


Flexible and scalable metagenomics pipeline implemented in WDL.

Melbourne Metagenomics Archive

Browse metagenome data and eukaryotic species discovered therein.

Tools for phylogenetics

OrthoFlow, a snakemake workflow for phylogenetic inference of genome-scale datasets of protein-coding genes.

SiteStripper, a Perl script to 'site strip' alignments, i.e. remove a given percentage of fast-evolving sites.

TreeGradients, a phylogenetic tree drawing program using color or grayscale gradients to trace continuous characters along the tree. It allows for quite sophisticated color ramps.

gDAM (graphical Data Availability Matrix), a script that draws a graphical representation of data availability in a concatenated sequence alignment.

Partitioned Model Tester, a script that facilitates selecting partitioning strategies and models of sequence evolution for phylogenetics. We still provide the software, but be aware that support is discontinued and we recommend IQ-Tree or PartitionFinder for this.

Resources from papers

Original sequence data associated with our research papers gets submitted to ENA/NCBI/DDBJ, and we're not linking to that here. New software that we develop for our work is typically hosted on Github or similar repositories and linked above. The purpose of this list is to post additional resources when we consider they provide substantial added value for the research community, or whenever someone requests them from us. We realise that this list is incomplete, and if there are any resources you think we should add, shoot us an email and we will endeavour to do so.

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